Nutritional supplements often have rich interactions when taken in conjunction with one or more drugs. These interactions can be beneficial but in some cases may lead to undesirable side effects.

Given the huge number of potential combinations, these interactions can be difficult to foresee or be aware of, even if you are a seasoned professional.

Biovista Nutrition scans the entire publicly available scientific literature, at present over 17 million reports, and locates any report that mentions nutritional supplements, diseases and drugs. These reports can then be retireved, aggregated and printed ready for you to read at your leisure and discuss with your healthcare professional. If you are a Shaklee Distributor, you can also see the Shaklee products that include the supplements you found. Click here to see the Toolkit that will help you drive sales!

Biovista Nutrition allows you to search the literature in two ways:
1. You may start by choosing one or more diseases and drugs and look for related nutritional supplements.

2. You may start by choosing a nutritional supplement of interst and look for related drugs.

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